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Here's the list of my original screenplays. Feel free to browse through them and take a look at the first pages. You can read the entire screenplay of the films I have already made and a sample of all the others. Now get a fresh drink, find a warm place to sit under the sun and enjoy the reading.

If you would like to receive a copy of the scripts or a treatment, please contact me. I usually film my own projects but I'm open to collaborations with other filmmakers. If you are interested in any of my stories, let's talk!

I can also help you with your script. If you have a good story that is not working for some reason, just drop me a line and let's discuss it. I can offer new ideas or point at issues with the structure or characters.

All material is copywritten with US Library of Congress. The screenplays cannot be used without my express written permission. The scripts are ordered by writing date.

Have fun!

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TV/Web Series

Short Films

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