The End The End

The End

Running Time: 01:35

Format: HD / Short Film

Genre: Drama / SciFi

Language: English (no dialogue)

Entry for the Cathay Motion Pictures Awards 2015 in Singapore

A man looks desperately for a precious memory to hold on to before the end.

If the world was going to end in the next five minutes, what would you do? If the things you thought were valuable (your house, your car, your job) suddenly lost all their worth, what does remain in the end? What is really important? In this micro film, our protagonist looks desperate for the last memory he wants to carry with him when everything ends.

This micro film (it's not even a short film, with a running time of 80 seconds) is our entry for the Cathay Motion Pictures Awards 2015 in Singapore. The rules were simple:

  • Make a film 80 seconds long, no less, no more.
  • Film in 80 hours max.
  • Use the theme: "Memories".

I developed the script based on a story I had in mind from before: a man that seems to be writing a suicide letter but it's actually a farewell note because... well, a meteorite is about to impact Earth.

We made this film with just two persons and a Blackmagic Pocket camera. No need of sound fortunately. The only cost was the booking of the room at Riverview Hotel, Singapore.

The Film

Cast and Crew

Desperate Man
Jesus Diez Perez
Jesus Diez Perez
Tan Lin
Jesus Diez Perez
Tan Lin
Jesus Diez Perez
Visual Effects
Jesus Diez Perez
Jesus Diez Perez
Silence Await
by CDK

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