Rap Grampa Rap Grampa

Rap Grampa

Running Time: 98 minutes

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Drama / Comedy / Music

Language: English

When a grumpy old lady with no joy for life receives an eviction notice, she makes a deal with her archenemy - an alcoholic failed rapper - in order to win a TV talent show that will save their building and put their lives back on track.

Emily is a grumpy old lady with no desire for life. She and her only friend and flatmate, Alfred, have cohabitation issues with Ramon -an alcoholic failed rapper- and his DJ, Alex. But when Emily and Alfred receive an eviction letter, their world turns upside down. Emily decides to swallow her pride and make a deal with Ramon: win a TV Talent Show in order to save the building and record an album who would allow them to leave the underworld they are living in.

Rap Grampa is a social drama and comedy film with a lot of music. Not just rap, as the title implies, also ballads, reggae, party music... The story puts two sets of opposite people from different generations to work together with a common goal. After a long journey of conflicts, victories and defeats, they realize they have found something much more important: a (very unusual) family.

Each of the characters of the film have personal stories with universal themes that resonate in everyone's personal experience: family, loneliness, lack of opportunities, feeling useless when growing old, feeling lost when being young, learning to live again, respect, abuse, justice, courage to go for what you want, now or never.

Rap Grampa is a feel good movie with a message, rap and grandparents. A low budget film with universal themes and an original music score of different genres. It's suitable for a worldwide audience, with easily exportable content and a potentially high box office/budget ratio. We have plans to adapt the project to other media: theatre musical, concerts, OST...

We are working in a co-production between Spain, Poland, New Zealand and some companies from USA. For example, Park Road Post (Lord of the Rings, Hobbit) has confirmed their involvement in the film for postproduction tasks (color, audio and music mix). The schedule contemplates 30 days of shooting. Rap Grampa is an urban film, so locations can be anywhere in the world and close together, facilitating production. Several distributors in New Zealand have branded the product as commercially viable.

Test Scenes and Trailer

This is a quick test scene we shot in one day, mostly as a rehearsal and also to test how the music works. Two of the songs from the soundtrack are in this video: Rolling in My Cadillac and Take the Blame. This scene plays right in the middle of the film and it's a pivotal moment. Despite their deal, Ramon and Emily disrespect each other with their different views about the song they have to make for the contest. Ramon thinks she doesn't live in the present world and Emily thinks he hasn't got a soul. After this scene, both realize they see into each other and can start working together.


And this is a test trailer we did a few years ago, as a demonstration, filmed in Spain in three aftenoons. The story has changed since then, even the gender of the characters, where Emily was Elmo and Ramon the rapper was a hip hop girl. But you can feel the vibe and the general story behind. Spanish with subtitles.

Lead Characters

Emily (76)
Design by Ainhoa Rueda.

Once a successful music producer, she turned her back to the world when her brother killed her family in a car accident, something she will never forgive. Living in a shell, she just enjoys watching TV Talent shows and has no desire for life. However, deep inside lives a huge and warm heart that is longing for a family.

Ramon (25)
Design by Ainhoa Rueda.

Once a rising music star, he lost his family and career to alcohol. Surviving by playing in bars, he tries to get himself and his friends (of whom he call family) out of the underworld, but his guilt and the lack of a powerful soul makes him fail once again. Convinced that he can only trust family, his biggest desire is to reunite with his daughter, Zoey.

Alfred (75)
Design by Ainhoa Rueda.

A charismatic, optimistic, positive and fun gentleman who always thinks there’s a way out, although his relationship with his son is sour and distant. He’s secretly in love with Emily, although he feels he’s not good enough for her. He survives by tap dancing on the streets with his friend George. And he always wanted to be an artist.

Alex (20)
Design by Ainhoa Rueda.

A talented DJ girl full of dreams and driven by justice, who finds one of her dearest friends trapped in a network of human trafficking led by the terrifying Rick. Ramon is like a brother to her and they play together often. With a sixth sense that kicks during the most important moments, she is probably the wisest of them all.

Secondary Characters

Ralph, Emily's brother and Judge of the TV Show. He was driving when they had a car accident and Emily's family died. She never forgave him.

Rick, the stripclub owner. A dangerous man who uses violence to keep his business in order.

John, Alfred's son. Their relationship went cold after the mother died and Alfred cannot understand why.

George, Alfred's old friend. An ex-lawyer who plays clarinet on the streets while Alfred tap dances, a good advisor.

Zoey, Ramon's daughter. He lost custody because of alcohol. She doesn't remember him, only the songs he used to sing to her when she was a baby.

Amanda, Ramon's ex-wife. She used to love him but got tired of broken promises. Her priority is Zoey's welfare.

Evangeline, TV Show Producer. A busy business woman who takes money from artists to favour them during the show.

Seb and Stefi, a rival band who bribe Evangeline to be in the show. They will stop at nothing to be there.

Sammy, Alex's old friend from school, trapped in Rick's stripclub.

Landlord. A man with a conscience who lives in the shadow of his honorale father, now with the dilemma of selling the building to a Mall company.

The Music

Ramon Cedillo

The Soundtrack is essential in Rap Grampa . It includes ten original themes composed and performed by the incredibly talented Ramon Nevasoba, who also plays one of the lead characters. More than half of the soundtrack is already recorded.

Ramon is an upcoming artist from Singapore. Starting out singing at bars, he has moved on from doing covers to writing his own music with a wide range of style from reggae to pop, rock, hip hop and country. He is also a member of FEW the Asian hip hop section, a world wide international movement battle Axe Warriors. He is currently working on his hip hop EP with Paragon Records, to be released late this year.


Listen to a sample of some of the songs in the following video:

The soundtrack is made up of the following songs:

Worst Day (dark rap)

This song sets up the frustration and anger of the rappers and the oldies.

Lonely Road (instrumental)

It plays during the montage that shows the hard lives of our six protagonists.

Not Gonna Get Away (improv rap, normal speed)

First song of Katey’s challenge for Ramon to follow her lead.

No more (improv rap, slow speed)

Second song of Katey’s challenge, trying to break him by being slow.

Funkey as a Monkey (improv rap, ultrafast)

Third song of Katey’s challenge, full speed.

Rolling in my Cadillac (fun rap)

Ramon sings his proposal for the contest: car, girls, alcohol.

Take the Blame (passionate rap)

Ramon shows Emily he’s got a soul. They respect each other from now on.

My Girl (ballad)

The song Ramon used to sing to her daughter Zoey before she went to bed.

Back to Life (positive rap/reggae)

The final song for the contest. No matter how bad it seems, life is worth it.

Dance All night (party/dance song)

The song Ramon plays at Alfred and Grace’s wedding, to his family.

Concept Art

Emily's House
Concept Art by Fernando García Diez.

Emily's House

Emily's House used to feature in style magazines. But not anymore. Years have passed and Emily's state of mind hasn't got keeping the place as a top priority. The general feel of the location is "empty", same as her heart. This emptiness makes the room look bigger than it is (and Emily smaller than she is). The only living thing in this place is her TV set, always on. The place is unkempt, with old unmatching furniture, damp stains on the walls and dead flowers on jars.

For this location, I'm looking for a lot of saturated yellows, representing the decay of the character and the history behind the walls. And yet, it's warmer than the rough environment of the street.

Back Alley
Concept Art by Fernando García Diez.

Back Alley

This is the place where the rappers meet to rehearse their songs. The good thing is that it's a private place with no pedestrians, where they can get easy access to electricity by stealing it from the lamp posts. The bad thing is it's right below Emily's window, their bitter enemy, who won't hesitate to call the Police or throw dirty water at them. The street represents the decay of the young world. A world with no opportunities for them.

This location is not friendly at all. In contrast to Emily's house, it has cold, desaturated colors and it's mostly dark, dirty and messy, as the world where the rappers live.

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