In a Dream In a Dream

In A Dream

Running Time: 08:07

Format: HD / Short Film

Genre: Fantasy / Drama

Language: English

A tormented two-time lottery winner reveals his secret to his personal escort and decides to go for the big win: the girl of his dreams.

Jack is a nationwide celebrity for being the man who won the lottery twice in a row. While lying back in a hotel room bed with Kim, his personal female escort to his side, the distressed Jack watches himself being interviewed on a late night talk show. Jack never revealed to anyone how he guessed the lottery numbers twice over, in fact he has kept all real emotions locked away too. Until now, when he invites Kim into his dreams to reveal more than his secret to success, but also what he really wants in life: the girl of his dreams.

Starting with an original idea of mine: "what would you do if you could guess the lottery numbers and still be unhappy?", I joined forces with Dan Matley, a very talented filmmaker and visual effects producer I met while I was working in Method Studios, London. We both produced, wrote and directed the film (he on the technical/camera side, me on the artistic/acting part). The rest of the team were mostly colleagues at Method. The music was composed by the brilliant Luke Richards and Juan Francisco Manzano Ramos.

We filmed for three days on several locations of London, including the fantastic green screen studio at Brunel University, The White Hart Hotel and Chirst the King Church, at Byng Place, Central London. The dream scene makes extensive use of visual effects, including 3D modeling, animation, FX and compositing of a London bus in a mysterious misty bridge. The characters were shot in front of a green screen studio. An advice here: if you can, don't use visual effects, it takes ages to finish.

This project was funded in a Kickstarter campaign, with a total budget of 927 British pounds.

A question for the fans: what do you think happens in the end?


The Film


Wayne Reid
Cydney Denton
Dream Girl
Rosaleen Maguire
Talkshow Host
Paul Hughes


On Set Lighting
Yone Santana
On Set Photography
Justin Lee
Monica Verdú
Sound Assistants
Jenny Wan
Daniel Barker
Make Up Design
Siwan Hill
Rowena Cumner
Poster Design
Justin Lee
Sound FX and Mixing
Joe Fletcher
Luke Richards
Juan Francisco Manzano Ramos
Concept Art
Paul Chandler
Jesús Diez
Matte Painting
Ivan Girard
CG Layouts & Animation
Jon Ossit
CG Modeling, Texturing & Lighting
Francesco Ricciardelli
VFX Compositors
Andrew Pinson
Giorgia Pulvirenti
Monica Verdú
Dan Matley
Jesús Diez Pérez
Jesús Diez Pérez
Dan Matley
Jesús Diez Pérez
Dan Matley


Into the Dream

This is the main theme of the film, composed by Luke Richards, and it represents the moment when Jack finally opens himself for the first time ever and lets someone else into his secret, into his dream. The tone is mysterious, with beautiful soft piano notes. But as we dig into Jack's dream, everything gets more tangled and the music has some disharmony and failed notes that symbolize Jack's state of mind.

Dream Girl

This theme, also composed by Luke Richards, is the girl's theme. Everytime she appears in the story, be it in a dream or in real life, we play this simple short melody that represents the unattainable character.

End Credits

Juan Francisco Manzano Ramos composed this theme that was meant to solve the enigma of the ending of the film. In a Dream finishes with a cliffhanger: Jack decides to go for the girl, the car races to run over him and... THE END! What? What happened? Does he get the girl? Does he die? I decided to give a clue with the credits song which is... let's say... quite happy. The music also tells a bit of story: you will hear some whistles. If you use stereo headphones the whistles come from left and right (the girl and Jack on opposite sides of the street, like in a conversation), then the stereo whistles blend into one channel (they get together) and then the whistles fade (they walk into the distance, probably hand in hand).

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