Atrapada Atrapada

Atrapada (Trapped)

Running Time: 06:30

Format: HD / Short Film

Genre: Drama

Language: Spanish (English subtitles)

Faced with a life changing decision, Vanessa needs to confess her sins to her husband, knowing he will never forgive her.

Atrapada (Trapped) is a drama short film that talks about taking decisions for your own life. But sometimes this easier said than done. What happens when you need to make a decision that will make someone you love suffer, no matter what you choose? What happens when you make a decision and you cannot even apologize to the hurt person, not because he doesn't want to but because he cannot physically do it? How do you live with that pain when you cannot even say sorry?

We filmed the full story in two days plus a pick up extra day. We shot principal photography at the Telecommunications School at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. That's actually where I became a Telecommunications Engineer (yes, that's what I was). We need to thank Ximo Cerdà Boluda for letting us film there and for lending us a lot of equipment from the video classes. The locations included an elevator (which we tricked to make it look much longer), a meeting room and the toilets (we were super lucky to find those red walls!). The last extra day was used to film Vanessa's home and the end of the film. We used just a couple of visual effects, including the shadow from opening/closing doors at the elevator and an extra par of doors to finish the scene (which was filmed with open doors). Also we made one of the actors "not stare at the camera!", and replaced a phone screen.

Special thanks to the great team!: Pablo Querol Sanchís did a great job with sound mixing, helped in set by Juan Carlos Roqueta Sáez. Eduardo Navarro Polo made an atmospheric beautiful soundtrack (and a song where he sings!). Finally, Roberto García, helped by Samuel Burgos López and Ana Martín Balaguer, made the beautiful images of the film. Laura Pérez Gómez helped me co-direct the film (and is also an extra! look for her in the meeting room). And, of course, special mention to all the actors: the fantastic Ana Robert Sánchez, Christopher Quiban Garcia in his first role as a leading actor, Jaime Vidal Alamar in his first appearance on film and Edgar B. de Murcia, who also helped in our other film El Careto. Special thanks to the extras who dedicated their talent and time to make this film: María Pérez España, Antonio Luna Casasnovas, Jordi Mompo Fernández, David Latorre Monfort and the amazing Victoria Sánchez de Lara.

The Film


Ana Robert Sánchez
Christopher Quiban Garcia
Jaime Vidal Alamar
Edgar B. de Murcia


Jesus Diez Perez
Jesus Diez Perez
Director of Photography
Roberto García Martínez
Lighting Assisstant
Ana Martín Balaguer
Camera Assisstant
Samuel Burgos López
Sound Recorder
Pablo Querol Sanchís
Sound Assistant
Juan Carlos Roqueta Sáez
Director Assistant
Laura Pérez Gómez
Jesús Diez Pérez
Jesús Diez Pérez
Laura Pérez Gómez
Jesús Diez Pérez
Sound Mixer
Pablo Querol Sanchís
Color Grading
Jesús Diez Pérez
Eduardo Navarro Polo
Poster Design
Jesús Diez Pérez


Antonio Luna Casasnovas
David Latorre Monfort
Jordi Mompo Fernández
Laura Pérez Gómez
María Pérez España
Victoria Sánchez de Lara

Thank you

Ximo Cerdà Boluda
Isabel Molina
Antonio Garrido
Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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